What’s Up Wednesday: Back to Blogging, Mexico, & Thinking of the Future


What’s new?

I haven’t blogged properly for 3 months but now I’m back.

I’m trying to think of an update for these last few ‘summer’ months but am struggling. I really haven’t done a lot other than work. Back in July, I flew up to Vietnam to visit an old friend from Korea for a few days. But, apart from that, life has been pretty low key on this island.

Earlier this month I had a lovely week off from work. I thought about going on holiday somewhere nearby – Bali, Penang, Thailand, Philippines. But in the end I decided to stay here and enjoy a bunch of lie-ins, cafe visits, cinema trips, and long walks. It was something I really needed and I felt so refreshed after.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what to do next year. My work contract is up at the end of March and I have to make a choice over whether to stay or move on. I think I’ve already made my choice but there are always a ton of things to consider for each option.

I wish I could be more specific but, right now, I’ll just have to remain annoyingly vague.

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What’s Up Wednesday: New York, Weddings, & Lying Low


What’s new?

I suck at blogging.

This What’s Up Wednesday thing was supposed to put me on a schedule so that I could start blogging regularly again. And then I missed a month worth of Wednesdays. Fail.

But I’m back. I imagine this is because I’ve just spent the last two days at home, lounging about in my PJs, trying to get over the last of my jetlag, so I finally have free time to just blabber on.

The biggest thing that happened in the last few weeks is that I flew to New York for my girl, Cerena’s, wedding.

I haven’t seen the professional pictures yet and I, stupidly, didn’t bother to take any photos throughout the day because I was too busy sobbing and then drinking and then dancing but I managed to snag one that the happy couple was tagged in on Facebook:


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What’s Up Wednesday: Vesak Day, Theatre, & Awkwardness


What’s new?

Happy Vesak Day!

Singapore is enjoying this midweek public holiday and flocking to their nearest temple to take part in celebrations. I have yet to shower and get dressed so … you know … priorities.

I completely missed writing a WUW last week thanks to my utter laziness. I woke up late and then spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready to go out for the evening. But this wasn’t any normal going out.

I’d treated myself to theatre tickets.

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One Year Later & a Return to Blogging


It’s been a year.

A whole year since I packed my bags, left Korea, and moved to Singapore.

The last time I properly blogged, I was 3 days in to my new life. I was living in a hotel in the red light district, getting adjusted to the heat and new atmosphere, preparing myself for a new job, hoping & praying that this move would heal my depression, and that I’d eventually find some happiness.

Thirteen months have passed and I’m here to tell you that Singapore has been good to me. Living has been easy and kind to my mind. I feel like me again and I’m enjoying everything I surround myself with.

I love the feel of the sun on my skin every day. I love the ease with which I can get around on this island. I love the sounds of the Singlish ‘lah’, ‘lor’, ‘ah’, and ‘leh’ that roll off the tongues of my neighbours and colleagues. I love that I’ve discovered how good I am at working with children and that it drives me to work hard and give it my all.

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4 TV Shows & Films That Made Me Comfortable About My Sexuality While Growing Up (And 1 That Should Have But Didn’t)


Three years ago, after a trip to the LGBT Museum in San Francisco, I made the decision to publicly come out to my friends, family, and whoever else should stumble upon this blog. It wasn’t a huge surprise to those close to me; It’s not as though I’d ever hidden it. I had just never taken the opportunity to talk about it so openly.

My sexuality was always something that was just a natural part of me. It was as natural as my having two arms. Or green eyes. It was something I was born with and I didn’t feel the need to scream about it.

But after coming out, I realised how important that declaration is. After hitting the ‘publish’ button on this blog, I sat in fear over what the reaction of those around me would be. I knew most of my loved ones were open-minded but a part of me was still terrified that they’d react in a horrible way.

They didn’t.

Coming out is a huge part of someone’s life. We’re about to cross into a world where we’re more comfortable and upfront about who we really are. And we’re also about to discover who will join us and who will reject us.

I was lucky in that I was surrounded by good people. Not everyone’s that fortunate.

Every day, people are cast out of their homes after coming out. They’re beaten and abandoned and left to face the world alone. A friend of mine recently told me that he’d been considering coming out to his parents even though he knew it meant he’d never see them again. He just can’t stand that he has to keep lying to them about who he really is.

The best thing we can do is let those people who are rejected from their families, their homes, and their communities know that we’re here for them when others aren’t. Everyone deserves love.

And that’s why, as last Sunday was National Coming Out Day, I wanted to do a little personal and fun post to celebrate it.

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My Five Favourite Things in October

Photo Credit.

I’m a couple of days late in doing this but better late than never, right? A belated Happy Halloween to you all! Pinch Punch, first of the month. And Happy Day of the Dead!

November is here and the Christmas lights are already up in my town (I kid you not – they’ve been up since the beginning of last month). But, before rushing off to wish everyone a happy new year, let’s go back to October and see what my highlights of that month was.

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My Five Favourite Things in September

septemberPhoto credit.

September has come to an end. Someone needs to go and wake up Greenday while we all scramble to get our big thick coats out of the bottom of our wardrobes. Autumn is officially here.

Needless to say, the end of my summer and the beginning of my Autumn didn’t start out as wonderful as I’d have liked. The first few weeks of my new day job were some of the hardest I’ve ever experienced; My financial woes were at an all time high; And my old friend Anaemia made its return with a vengeance, bringing back constant dizzy spells, extreme tiredness, and some of the most disgusting cracked and sore lips you’ve ever seen in your life. (Not to mention that my complexion is now giving Albinos a run for their money.)

Things are looking up though. And, while we’re all entitled to bad days, I decided to start a new series, inspired by the always amazing Molls from Hello Giggles. At the end of every month, I’m going to make a list of the five favourite things that have kept me happy during the last 30 days. I think it’s a fab way to focus on the positives rather than the negatives of the last month, and will help us move into the next one on a much higher note.

So without further ado, here are my top five favourite things in September …

1. Babyshambles

Not only did they release a new album but I got the chance to go and see them live in Cardiff. Having experienced quite a few memorable (and injury-ridden) performances from Pete in the past, this gig was such an amazing surprise. It started on time, the crowd didn’t turn into an angry, violent bunch of lunatics, and the band put on a seriously good show.

I can’t fault the new album either. It might be a lot mellower than the last two but it’s definitely one I’ve been rocking out to on the commute to work.

2. Skype


Am I getting paid to pimp them out? No. But Skype really has become my little sidekick lately.

I’m lucky that one of my best friends lives about an hour away from me. We make sure to meet up as regularly for dinner and wine as we can, especially as I’ve been living away from her for the last year and a half.

I do have three other best friends that aren’t quite so close, though: One lives in North America; One has recently moved to North East Asia; And I left one behind in Mexico.

Four beautiful, amazing women are my best friends in the world and, somehow, I can never get them all in the same place at the same time.

In this wonderful, modern age of ours, Skype is a saviour. Knowing that I can still sit and have a long, overdue catchup with the girls I’m closest to, no matter where they are in the world, is something that I will be forever grateful for.

3. New Girl


While everyone else and their aunt have been gearing up for the last episode of Breaking Bad, I’ve been re-watching Seasons 1 & 2 of New Girl in preparation for the start of Season 3.

There’s nothing more to say about this other than: I ship Jess & Nick. Hard. Go home, haters. Go home.

4. Baking


Hello, my name is Ceri. But you can call me Domestic Goddess.

For the first time in my life, at the age of 26, I decided to give baking cupcakes a go. And you know what? I absolutely rocked it!

This weekend I made a big batch of rainbow cupcakes for my brother, his girlfriend, and my BFF, and you know what? They turned out frickin’ awesome!


Look at that inside! Just look at all the psychedelic colours! Not bad for my first time, eh?

5. Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

icecreamChats with my friends, New Girl reruns, cupcakes, and ice cream. I’m sensing there’s no need to explain my time of the month is about to hit as I write this.

There’s no real explanation. Vegan chocolate ice cream is the best sweet treat in the world. And I’ve had way too much of it this month.


That’s my list for September. What would be on yours?