Reading Update from On the Road


It’s been almost two weeks since I left my job, packed up my life, and left Singapore. Up until now, my reading had taken a bit of a nose dive. Every time I sat down with a good book, my mind would be all over the place. Needless to say, Feminist Lit February was a complete fail.

Now that I’m “on the road” (I hate that phrase but, as I’m currently homeless, jobless, and carrying everything I own in three bags around the world with me, I guess it’s pretty fitting) though, I’ve started to relax and am finally getting to dive into the books I’ve brought along with me.

And, as I haven’t written about my reading habits for a few months, I thought I’d take this opportunity, on this very lazy Sunday, to write about everything I’ve been neglecting.

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What’s Up Wednesday: I’m Heading Home


I haven’t written a personal post in a while. In fact, I’ve been wanting to keep this blog as more of a bookish one this time around.

In the past, my blogs have been like an online diary and I’ve never been afraid of jotting down every little detail of what’s going on in my life. Lately, though, I’ve been much more careful about what I share online. Perhaps it’s the combination of getting older and having young students who could find this.

Nevertheless, I do feel as though I want to talk about a few things that’re happening with me this year.

Anyone who knows me, knows that, for the last 6 years, I’ve been moving around quite a bit. Since 2011, I’ve lived in Wales, Mexico, Korea, and Singapore. I’ve seen areas of the world I only dreamed of visiting when I was a child and have met countless people who have really enriched my life in some way. I’ve been a teacher for nearly five years – A job that started out as a way to make money while I travel but turned into something I’m incredibly passionate about. I’ve taken holidays to places that have scared me and places that have inspired me. I’ve learned how to understand conversational Spanish and how to read Korean. I’ve had incredible highs and horrible lows.

It’s been a good 6 years.

But, now, it’s time to take a break.

I’m homesick. Really homesick.


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Non-Fiction November/Native American Heritage Month Wrap-Up


December is here!

It’s my favourite time of year. Cold weather, thick coats, woollen hats, winter boots, hot chocolate, Christmas lights, warm fireplaces. I love it.

Having said that, I now live in Singapore where none of that is happening. It’s 33°C, people are still wandering around in shorts and flip-flops, and winter is just a vague foreign concept. The Starbucks Christmas drinks have been available since mid-October but the only way people are ordering them are frappe style. Christmas decorations are up but the heat makes it hard to get into the holiday spirit.

Nevertheless, I only have one more week of work before flying home to Wales to spend the rest of the year with my family. No doubt I’ll be craving that sunshine in no time. 😀

Moving on to the subject at hand, November is over, which also means it’s time to take a look at the books I managed to read for Non-Fiction November and Native American Heritage Month.

I originally started these reading challenges with a TBR. Well, I didn’t exactly stick to it but I still got a lot of reading done with a total of eight books completed.

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What’s Up Wednesday: Back to Blogging, Mexico, & Thinking of the Future


What’s new?

I haven’t blogged properly for 3 months but now I’m back.

I’m trying to think of an update for these last few ‘summer’ months but am struggling. I really haven’t done a lot other than work. Back in July, I flew up to Vietnam to visit an old friend from Korea for a few days. But, apart from that, life has been pretty low key on this island.

Earlier this month I had a lovely week off from work. I thought about going on holiday somewhere nearby – Bali, Penang, Thailand, Philippines. But in the end I decided to stay here and enjoy a bunch of lie-ins, cafe visits, cinema trips, and long walks. It was something I really needed and I felt so refreshed after.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what to do next year. My work contract is up at the end of March and I have to make a choice over whether to stay or move on. I think I’ve already made my choice but there are always a ton of things to consider for each option.

I wish I could be more specific but, right now, I’ll just have to remain annoyingly vague.

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What’s Up Wednesday: Wedding Fever, Giant Moths, & Booktube


What’s new?

I am in full wedding mode and it’s not even my wedding.

In 4 weeks time, I’ll be flying to New York for my friend Cerena’s wedding. I will be her Maid of (Dis)Honour. Let’s be honest, though – I’m doing a pretty shitty job of that already as I live on the other side of the world and can’t be there for any of the planning.

I will also be the token Welsh girl in a sea of New Yorkers. Me at 8am:


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One Year Later & a Return to Blogging


It’s been a year.

A whole year since I packed my bags, left Korea, and moved to Singapore.

The last time I properly blogged, I was 3 days in to my new life. I was living in a hotel in the red light district, getting adjusted to the heat and new atmosphere, preparing myself for a new job, hoping & praying that this move would heal my depression, and that I’d eventually find some happiness.

Thirteen months have passed and I’m here to tell you that Singapore has been good to me. Living has been easy and kind to my mind. I feel like me again and I’m enjoying everything I surround myself with.

I love the feel of the sun on my skin every day. I love the ease with which I can get around on this island. I love the sounds of the Singlish ‘lah’, ‘lor’, ‘ah’, and ‘leh’ that roll off the tongues of my neighbours and colleagues. I love that I’ve discovered how good I am at working with children and that it drives me to work hard and give it my all.

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First 72 Hours in Singapore


I’m here! Woohooooo!

Here I am at the end of my first 72 hours in my new home. I’m currently wrestling with a piss poor wifi connection in a pretty average hotel smackbang in the center of the Red Light District. My neighbours are sex workers and a lot of men but there’s an element of seediness missing from the area – Possibly due to the fact that prostitution isn’t illegal here.

View from my Red Light District window

View from my Red Light District window

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