Sunday Post: Cemetery Hopping, Markets, & Little Girl Blue


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This week has been a week of cemetery hopping. Having made the decision to do some serious family background tracing (especially as my grandparents are no longer here and I literally know nothing about their parents) and to take advantage of the fact that one of my best friends is an archivist*, my mother, my brother, & I spent some time tracking down birth & death dates on old tombstones.

We know quite a bit about my maternal grandmother’s family & my paternal grandfather’s. But when it comes to my maternal grandfather & my paternal grandmother, there’s a complete blank. We don’t even know what their parents’ names are, let alone where they were born/from. It should make for a fun project.

Haven’t decided whether to do one of those DNA Ancestry/23&Me things that seem to be the craze lately though. I mean, I’m about as white as it gets so I already know the family’s European so what would be the point? I guess it depends how far back we can trace or how much information is available to begin with. We’ll see.

*Speaking of my archivist friend, she celebrated her birthday on Friday so a big Happy Birthday to her! 😀

In other news, in another moment of weakness, I ventured out of the house once again – This time to the Marina market where I bought ALL THE PIES, some cakes, ALL THE CHEESE, some cider, some Indian snacks, and some lovely handcrafted badges for St. David’s and Remembrance Day.

36712070_10155762714393862_707577045764276224_n (1)

Dylan Thomas was also sitting in his usual place in the middle of the square, judging me for that piss poor review of his short stories I wrote earlier this week:


Sorry, Dylan. You’re not to everyone’s taste.

Books Read This Week:


One. That’s it. It was a brilliant one. But that’s all I read.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this because the beginning was quite slow but I ended up really loving this book and am dying to get my hands on more Gloria Steinem. I always loved seeing her give talks so I had a feeling I’d enjoy this. It really did exceed my expectations. What an inspirational woman.

Currently Listening to/Watching:

It’s still summer so I’m still on my Joplin/Hendrix kick. I watched a fantastic documentary on Netflix about Joplin’s life this week so would absolutely recommend that if anyone is into that sort of thing.

It was called Janis: Little Girl Blue.

Links to things I loved this week:

A Biopic About Sammy Davis Jr. Is In the Works at Paramount Pictures @ Shadow and Act

Pacific Island Represent Activists in Fiji ‘Flood’ Beach to Protest Citibank’s Funding of Deadly Tar Sands Pipelines @ Greenpeace

Your Neutral is Not Our Neutral @ Archival Decolonist

American Museum of Natural History Removes Headdress @ News Maven

6 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Cemetery Hopping, Markets, & Little Girl Blue

  1. Good luck with the family research! I love old cemeteries. Some people think it’s morbid, but I think cemeteries are really cool, and I like hanging out in them. I’ve thought about doing a DNA test, but I know that my great-grandparents were Russian immigrants. I have all their immigration paperwork, so there’s not much mystery in my past. Have a good week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I completely understand the liking for cemeteries. I like them too – I like going for walks around them, especially if they’re old – but, yeah, a lot of people think that’s weird. Have a good week too, Aj!


  2. Sounds like a fascinating project! I just read a family history recently that my aunt and uncle had been working on for years and I learned so much I didn’t know about our ancestry going back a few generations- it made me want to research and find out even more. Good luck with it!

    Sounds like a pretty good market trip! Mmm cider lol.

    Have a super week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Greg. 😀 Hopefully there’ll be some interesting discoveries made with this project. Especially on the side of the family that we have complete blanks for. 🙂 Have a great week!


    • That’s a shame. But I actually kind of understand – On one side, my family’s Irish and the public records buildings were burned years ago so tracing that part of the family is going to be pretty impossible. Thanks for visiting, Gayathri!


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