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+ Which bookish trope annoys you the most?

Do you want a list? I hate young, female narrators who have no personality and, yet, everyone around them magically falls in love with them (*cough*Bella Swan). I hate the phrase ‘I let out a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding in.’ I hate it when girls hate other girls just because they’re pretty or smart or dating a love interest. And most of all, I hate the white saviour trope. That one is just fucking offensive and infuriating and not needed.

+ Which writers do you feel are overhyped?

John Green. I’ve read four of his books and they all have the same exact story. A quirky manic pixie dream girl (another trope I hate) becomes the object of a nerdy boy’s affection. Wow. That’s never been done before.

+ What are the worst books you’ve read because of booktube/book blogs?

I couldn’t get through Sofia Khan is Not Obliged by Ayisha Malik. This book was raved about on booktube and it really didn’t gel with me. I ended up DNF-ing it. Twice.

I also blame booktube for throwing me down the YA route last year. There’s nothing wrong with YA; I just don’t get an emotional or deep response from any of it the way other people do. Last year I found that I was reading more YA than usual and, as a result, most of what I was reading was just ‘meh.’ From now on, I’ll stick to books written for adult with maybe an occasional YA thrown in if it grabs me.

+ A terrible ending that ruined an otherwise quality book?

It didn’t ruin the book but I was disappointed with the ending of Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It felt a little too obvious and cheesy.

Which character do you wish was not killed off?

***spoiler alert*** I will always love Henry DeTamble and I will always be heartbroken by what happened to him.

+ What is your bookish pet peeve?

I’m going to agree with books by leynes and say that books which have introductions that spoil the novel are the worst. Why is this a thing? I understand that classics have been analysed to death so there’ll always be an essay or two included in whichever edition you pick up these days. But why put them at the front and then go over every single plot point before the reader’s had a chance to get into anything?

+ What are some books you feel should have more recognition?

I’m always going to sing the praises of Lakota Woman by Mary Crow Dog. It’s not that I necessarily think it’s the best written book in the world but it covers incredibly important events in recent Native American history, including the protests and actions taken by the American Indian Movement. It also takes a closer look at the horrors indigenous woman face even to this day.

I don’t think that indigenous writers get nearly enough recognition in the book blogging community and, for me, Lakota Woman really opened my eyes to a history and culture I knew nothing about.


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2 thoughts on “The No Disclaimer Book Tag

  1. Thoughts: 1) I also think John Green is overhyped. I love his vlogs and he seems a really good buy, but man his books are dull. 2) I wish there was a way to tell when YA is more than YA. There are some really good reads out there that are just as keep and emotional as adult books, but it’s hard to find them. That’s why, when I read YA that is far more adult in emotional content, I will specifically note it out when I review it. 3) I recently started a classic that had one of those spoilery introductions. Thankfully the first line stated that this would spoil the book if I hadn’t read it, and to skip the introduction and come back after reading the book if this was my first time through. In the end, I wasn’t ready to read said classic yet – my brain is far too scattered – but I appreciated the warning nonetheless.

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    • Same. I have nothing against John Green, the man. But his books do nothing for me.

      I wish all classics had a warning that about spoilers. I’m happy to read the intros but not if it’s just going to dive right into the details.


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