Reading My Own Damn Books


I haven’t blogged about books for years, let alone tried to complete (and usually fail) a book challenge. Once upon a time I was a voracious reader. I didn’t necessarily keep up with what was hot and doing the rounds of the book blogging circuit but I did read.

In recent years my reading has slowed down. I blamed everything from travelling to moving across the world to ongoing battles with depression. Last year, thanks to my mother handing off her old Kindle to me, my reading mojo seemed to return. I read 34 books in a year and had plans to devour even more in the next 12 months.

And, here we are.

It’s December 2015 and I’ve read a grand total of 6 books this year. And one of those is a book of photographs.


Nevertheless I do actually want to see that number increase.

Yes, I say it every year. “I need to read more.”

You know how most people say “This year, I’m going to go to the gym every day”?

Well, I’m like that with books. Except, this time, I actually have more motivation to get my nose back between the pages.

Right now, my TBR pile looks like this:


That’s not including the 8 unread books currently sitting on my Kindle that I can’t access because this is what happens when you take your e-reader to the beach:


In just over 4 months time, I’m moving again and I don’t plan on hauling this pile to another country. At the same time, I don’t want to leave these here unread. What a waste of money and (theoretically) good literature!

So, I have decided to join the #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks challenge that Andi‘s hosting on her blog.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m well aware that my measly pile is nothing compared to the mountains that most of the book bloggers taking part are trying to conquer.

If any of you have somehow found your way over here, I apologise. I swear, I was once like you. (Haha, just kidding, the most I ever read in a year was 50 so I was always an amateur.)

Andi has also made it pretty clear that everyone can set their own rules for their own personal challenges so, while most book bloggers are doing this as a goal for 2016, this is only a 4-month stint for me. Here are my self-imposed rules:

  • My challenge runs from 1st December, 2015 – 19th March, 2016. This is how long I have left in my lovely little apartment.
  • I’m not allowed to buy any new books during that time* (which is going to be hard because my Amazon wishlist never get smaller).

*The only exception to the no buying rule is that I’ll be ordering a beginner’s guide to Mandarin in the next few months because hello? Moving to Singapore! 😛

As for right now, I’m currently reading Freak Show by James St. James. I don’t tend to read books by male writers (with the exception of Stephen King) (I know, I have issues) but I’m actually loving this so far.


It’s been months since I’ve been able to pick up a book and really get into it so I’m so glad I finally found something I can sink my teeth into.

Here’s to the next 4 months. These waves of depression really haven’t helped when it comes to staying motivated lately but this is something I would love to complete. These tiny little stepping stones – even if they’re something as small as a book challenge – are all contributing to the road of recovery. So wish me luck! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Reading My Own Damn Books

  1. Heh, good luck!! I should probably do that too but I have roughly zero time…. No, that’s not true. The truth is that I just don’t make time for it. I blame it on the fact that a lot of the books on my shelf are hand-me-downs that I definitely would not have chosen if given the same money in a bookstore, hehe. But there are a few I’d give a chance to…. ok, you’ve inspired me! I’m doing it too!


  2. Awesome challenge! You have lots of great ones on that shelf—from what I can see, I’ve read Wild, Not That Kind of Girl, Yes Please, and Bossypants, and really liked all four! And I want to read Hyperbole and a Half.

    I track my reads on Goodreads, and love seeing the progress there. Maybe that’d be something to try? (If you think it might work for you). Here’s how James Clear reads more books. I usually read at night rather than in the morning like him, but I’m always in the middle of something.

    This is a huge step! 😀 The best of luck!


    • Oooh, I do have Goodreads actually. I’ll have to try and find you on there!

      I spent 3 hours lying in bed this morning just reading. I feel too excited to get this challenge going.


  3. I love my eReader but I also love the feel and smell of real books. I think it’s great to do a challenge! I have only read about 10 or so books this entire year, so don’t feel bad. I feel like I can do so much better I’ve just been putting it off. I’ll definitely be reading a lot when I’m traveling in the upcoming months. Where are you off to next?


    • I’m totally with you on loving the feel and smell of real books. That’s why I resisted an ereader for so long!

      I’m off to India for 3 weeks in January so plan on doing a looooad of reading then. 🙂


  4. Good luck, girl! I am hitting this hard in 2016. I went overboard on review copies in 2015 and am just now coming out from under the pile. I never want to be that obligated again, so I am really looking forward to reading more of my own books!


    • I feel like now that I’m determined to stick to my own books, I keep see more and more that I want to buy haha.

      Good luck with yours in the new year, hun. You can do it!!


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