My Five Favourite Things in February


Holy crap, this year is going fast. March is less than 2 hours away and that also means the start of a new school year in Korea.

A few people from home have recently sent me messages asking if I’ll be moving on now that my contract’s about to end. I guess I haven’t painted the best picture of life over here in the last 12 months so I can’t blame them for wondering.

Well, I’m here to tell you now that in a couple of weeks I’m actually going to be renewing my contract for another year. That’s right. I ain’t going anywhere.

I don’t know what this year’s going to bring – there’s a hell of a lot of change happening in my schools – but January and February have been pretty fantastic so far so here’s hoping that this is a good sign for the next 10 months.

I’ll be doing a proper “one year in Korea” post a little closer to the time so, for now, here’s my February wrap-up with my five favourite things:

1. A Naju visitor


For the Lunar New Year holidays, my friend Rachel came down from Donghae to spend a week in my rural city of pears and skate fish. I showed her a few of the (limited) sights, we hung out, got drunk, ate amazing food, and mostly just enjoyed the downtime.

I’ve got to give her major credit for being the ultimate houseguest though: Not only did she manage to unblock all my drains (something that’s been bugging me for months now because I’m an incompetent child) but she willingly pushed me out of the kitchen after every meal to clean because she “loves washing up.” (Who are you, Monica Gellar?)


It’s always fun when we get together but later this year it’ll be time to say goodbye to her. In September, she’s officially moving on and away from Korea so who knows where our paths will cross after that?

2. Macca Returns


Remember how excited I was last year that Paul McCartney announced he was coming to Seoul to perform? And then I actually managed to score a ticket to that show?

And then it was cancelled because he was ill and I was heartbroken because I was THAT CLOSE to getting within 100 feet of a BEATLE?

Well, this month he announced he was planning to return in May and tickets went on sale.

I don’t know how I did it but, yet again, I managed to score a ticket. In fact, it was an even better seat than last time.


Black box at the top? Paul McCartney on stage.

Pink box numbered 105? ME!!

Yes, I’m going alone because I’m the only person I know who loves the Beatles so much that she’d spend an obscene amount of money on a concert ticket to see one of them. But it’s also probably for the best because we all know I’m going to stand there for the whole show freaking out and doing that horrible ugly fangirl crying face.


3. Valentine’s Gifts To Me, From Me

For the second year in a row, I’m super single when February 14th has come around so I decided to buy gifts for the person in my life that I truly love: Me.

And who’d have known better than me that food is the way to my own heart?

Lottemart stepped up their game this month and started selling REAL CHEDDAR from the UK which meant I could finally make the holiest of sandwiches – a cheese and Branston Pickle one – for my Valentine’s Day feast.


These followed soon after …


Oh, and Fatbag (the company I order a lot of my food shopping from) sent me this little text the day before, just making everything that much more perfect:


4. The Biebs’ new image

I’m going to put it out there: There was a time when I, like pretty much 100% of all adults I know, hated Justin Bieber.

I know they say “hate is such a strong word” but I really did hate him.

Where to even begin with the douchey shit he’s pulled over the last 2 years in public? I think we’re all well aware of it.

Having said that, after publicly making an apology this month for how conceited and arrogant he’s been, I’ve actually kind of warmed to him and have quite enjoyed watching his weekly appearances on Ellen . (Yes, you can see how productive I truly am while deskwarming. But, seriously, who doesn’t love Ellen?)

Watching him appear quite cautious and humble – and, dare I say it? Kind of shy – while playing games and pranks with Ellen actually reminded me that this guy is only a kid. A kid that’s made mistakes and is willing to put his hands up, say sorry, and move on to try and become an adult.

Maybe my heart is softening because I teach 100 vulnerable teenage boys like him every week who put on that same ‘I can take on the world’ bravado every single day to mask what’s really going on underneath.

You don’t have to be a music junkie to know how much that industry fucks with people – especially a boy whose voice hadn’t dropped and was given worldwide success and access to everything almost immediately (which we all know usually includes hangers on and drug-addled creeps).

I’ve never been a fan of his music but I do like a good turn-around story. I hope he keeps up the ‘trying to be mature’ thing because we all know how useful having a good public image is to influence positive change.

And saying that, holy crap, I’m looking forward to the Bieber Roast next month. I love the Comedy Central Roasts and you know this one’s going to be brutal.

5. Deskwarming

Yeah, I know I posted this video on Instagram a few weeks ago …

Deskwarming fun. #Korea #TEFL

A post shared by Ceri (@ceripadley) on


But I’ve actually really enjoyed the weeks of deskwarming February has brought.

Not only have I managed to prepare for the start of the new school year and caught up with some of my Korean lessons but I’ve actually just enjoyed having the office to myself and kind of turning my brain off.

Ten teachers (including my co-teacher) from my beauty school have left which means most of the staff will be brand new next week. New teachers, new students, a new experience.

And to be honest, I’m kind of nervous.

Just when I think I’ve settled into what life in Korea is like, everything changes.

It’s a little exciting but super nerve-racking. Deskwarming was a nice little distraction from what’s about to come.

Here’s hoping it all goes well.


7 thoughts on “My Five Favourite Things in February

  1. Mmmm…real cheese. UK cheddar even. Now that is a present worth giving to yourself. And I say that with one hundred percent sincerity. I’ve been known to drop a pretty penny on cheese. It’s pretty much become a staple in my house, and I refuse to buy crap cheese. Get the good stuff when you can. It makes everything taste better.

    Just think…this year, you get to watch all the new teachers struggle to adjust while you are the experienced one who can guide them through the ropes. That should make you excited! Good luck and have fun!


    • I’m so late in replying to this comment. Do forgive me! 😛

      The cheddar cheese has stayed at my local supermarket so far *crosses fingers* and every time I have some it tastes like heaven. 😀

      And you were right – All the new teachers did struggle to adjust when they first came here and I was one of only 2 teachers that stayed and kind of knew the ropes. 🙂 Very exciting and very comforting.


  2. Wow you’re seats for the concert were awesome!

    And yay for finding real cheese! It’s funny what we take for granted when we’re home. Other than my family, I really miss the food at home. I knew what I liked and where to get it. I’ve never heard of a a cheese and Branston Pickle sandwich, sounds interesting.


    • Sorry for the late reply, hun! The seats were indeed incredible. 😀

      It’s amazing how much we miss the food from back home, isn’t it? I rarely ate cheese when I lived back home but not I can’t get enough of the stuff. haha


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