Bucket List Item #18 – Visit North Korea

This item is now null and void.

I pretty much decided after writing my Korean bucket list out that I could never support a government like the one up North by giving them money to wander around up there on a strictly guided tour for a few days.

Living in the Republic has only cemented my decision. No-one here really talks about the war but there are consistent reminders that the two areas of land are still not at peace.

If you’d ever need any more convincing, you’ve only got to look at the footage that comes through from DPRK media.

Remember this from nearly 4 years ago?

How the citizens of the North wept in hysterics “over the death of King Jong-il”? (Translation: For fear of execution if seen to be less than grief-stricken)

How could anyone contribute to the reign of terror that engulfs that country?


3 thoughts on “Bucket List Item #18 – Visit North Korea

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  2. You should read The Orphan Master’s Son. I’m reading it now and it’s very moving. It’s about a man living in North Korea, and while it’s fiction, I’m sure a lot of what happens in the book, happens in real life.

    I think the attraction of going to North Korea is that not many people can say they’ve done it. However, as long as it’s run by a dictator, I would never go there.


    • I’ll put that on my wishlist. Thanks, hun. I’ve also got a copy of Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick which is supposed to be absolutely mind-blowing and really depicts the reality of what life is like there.


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