NY Bucket List: #14 – See a Show on Broadway (And Get a Wave from Tom Hanks)

playbillI don’t know how she did it but BFF extraordinaire, Cerena, had struck again and managed to cross the most unlikeliest of items off my bucket list.

Arriving at the Helen Hayes Theatre with only 20 minutes until the show started, Cerena slipped past the queue of waiting ticketholders, stood outside the box office window and immediately got her hands on a pair of FRONT ROW Broadway tickets for only $30 each!

I wish I could tell you how she made it happen but I genuinely have no clue. Instead, I’ll assume it’s just a New Yorker thing and continue to drift happily in my abyss of ignorance.

I tried not to have any preconceptions about Rock of Ages before I entered the theatre. I remembered how much last year’s film adaptation had been talked about when it was released but had been reluctant to see it (I’m not a Tom Cruise fan) so only had a vague idea of what it was really all about.

All I knew was that, in the same spirit as Mamma Mia, the writers had taken a bunch of real rock songs and put them into a boy-meets-girl story so that they fit in pretty well with the context of the scenes. I must admit, as much as I tried not to, I had my doubts. The film was panned. But Cerena – who’d seen the show before – assured me I’d have a good time.

Needless to say, she was right and I ended up loving it. The show was absolutely fantastic.

Not only was it filled with some absolutely killer songs that I (and the rest of the audience) could’t help singing along to (I’m not usually a fan of 80’s American Rock but these were classics that you couldn’t help but get carried away with) but each performer really gave it their all – A huge bonus for catching a matinée.

With so much interaction from the actors as they continued to break the fourth wall, we were definitely in the right seats as we playfully flirted with the gorgeous mulleted (and more than likely gay) ‘rockstars’, who winked, handed us plectrums, and even leant over the stage to cop a little feel (after throwing up … Don’t ask!).

While I definitely wouldn’t recommend a prudish audience or those with kids to go and see this (the swearing and sexual tones of some scenes aren’t for the conservatives among us), this is definitely a show I’d go back and see again. And again. And again.

Music fans will get a huge kick out of this. Lovers of rock even more.

Think This is Spinal Tap but with more sex, more Americaness, and more theatrics. Fabulous!

Forget the monstrosity that was the film adaptation (I attempted to watch it after seeing the show and dear god, just no). Broadway is the place to see it. Make sure you pick up some tickets the next time you’re in the Big Apple. I promise you you won’t regret it.


And, as if the show in itself wasn’t exciting enough, take a look at what we were faced with as we left the theatre …

They say you can’t help but fall over a famous person in New York. And, sure enough, Tom came out and gave us our first authentic celebrity movie star sighting!



Yes, that is in fact Tom Hanks rocking a moustache.

He was unbelievably generous with all the theatregoers who’d been waiting for him to come out too, making sure to sign as many autographs and take as many pictures with them as he could. What a sweetheart.

Of course, we could only watch from across the street as police held those who hadn’t seen his play back and gave the actual attenders a chance to get close. But we didn’t mind.

As he got into his car and began to move away, we made sure to let out a squeal of “We love you Tom!” through the window as it stopped in traffic in front of us. Glancing our way, he smiled, gave us a wave, and absolutely made our night. (All the while probably thinking, ‘Get me away from these screaming maniacs.’)


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