Are You Dating a Disney Prince?

walt-disney-screencaps-the-walt-disney-logo-walt-disney-characters-31872968-2560-1440Over the years there have been many debates about the effects Disney has on our young minds; The most common being whether these tales give us unrealistic expectations about our love life.

Well, I’m about to shoot that horse in the face and end that argument and say I was never under any illusions about how real life goes. Most of my friends growing up came from broken families, I watched my parents work hard at their marriage and prove that it wasn’t a breeze, and, oh yeah, I was always well aware that films weren’t real.

Today’s question is aimed at the straight ladies and gay guys who fall upon this post because we’re going to look at the Disney princes.

I want you to cast your mind back to your favourite Disney prince.

I’m not talking about your favourite Disney prince today because, let’s face it, we all know who would win that award for those of us with working sexual parts:


I truly believe this character was created as a thank you to those of us who remember Disney before computer animation.

Let’s see that pouty face one more time …

tumblr_mjkoi8iJ2p1s4fqpeo1_500Seriously, I’m 26 and fantasising over something designed to burn the loins of women everywhere. Thank you, Disney.

Anyway, let’s dive further back.

Cast your minds back to yesteryear; Back to the 80s or 90s when Disney princes were in abundance and you definitely had one childhood favourite.

Think about that Disney prince … And then think about the type of man you are generally attracted to today. Is there a similarity?

Let’s take my childhood favourite, Aladdin (not technically a prince but you get the idea):

aladdinAnd then let’s look at what kind of man I tend to fall for these days:

Dark hair; Roguish; A mischievous, playful side; Not afraid to goof and make fun of himself; No huge, brawny muscles; Physically kind of scrawny; Someone who’s either poor/working class or has worked their way up from that background; Someone always on the lookout for adventure.


I asked a few of my girlfriends to think of the same two things – their favourite childhood princes and the type of man they desire these days – and the answers seemed to follow a similar pattern too.

My friend Rachel also said Aladdin and, for as long as I’ve known her, she’s always lusted after dark, middle-eastern men not afraid of getting into trouble and having adventure.

My girls Cerena and Rhi named the Beast:

normal_beautyandthebeast_3998The type of men Cerena usually falls for are muscular, big, protective guys, usually guarded and in need of coaxing out from their shells. These men usually have a dark past and quite a temper but can also be little puppy dogs.

And it’s no secret that over the years I’ve known Rhi, she definitely has a penchant for big, physically strong manly men. The fact that Beast had that incredibly old house with the world’s largest library would also obviously have appealed to my bookish, historian, archivist friend.

So are all these isolated incidents?

Cerena posed the question on her Facebook and from the selection of responses we received, everyone seemed to have a match.

Our favourite Disney princes could easily describe the men we find attractive as adult women/men.

And then, to get all Carrie Bradshaw on your arses, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is our taste in men influenced by the Disney heroes of our childhood? Or are we predisposed to a certain ‘type’ even from childhood?

Who was your favourite Disney prince? What kind of men do you tend to fall for now? Is there a similarity? Do you think it’s a coincidence?

Leave a comment below.


7 thoughts on “Are You Dating a Disney Prince?

  1. I’m not sure it applies only to princes. I like Jasmin, who is an independent, exotic(ish*) brunette. And a cat person. Describes the vast majority of my liaisons, too.

    *as exotic as Disney animation got back then, anyway.


    • That’s pretty cool, Andy. I didn’t include princesses because up until the last couple of years, most Disney princesses have been pretty blahhh. The first character I ever remember being a kickass girl was Meg from Hercules and she didn’t emerge until the late 90s. Most of them were delicate flowers.


      • I don’t know. I’d say Jasmine and Ariel were still pretty bland, pretty one dimensional in the big scheme of things. Meg and Mulan didn’t come about until the late nineties (when we were growing out of becoming Disney’s target audience) so I’d kind of discount them – Though I will say that I wanted to be Meg after I saw Hercules. She was the first female character who couldn’t give two hoots about having a man in her life. Pocahontas is a pretty kickass female character but I have too much of an issue with the abusrdity and lies that story gives kids to even go into it. 😛 Ha!


      • Yeah, I dig. But if you compare the 90s princesses to those who came before, you can certainly see some progression, even if they’re not all the way there.


  2. Mine was Shang (the captain from Mulan). Admittedly, I was around 14 or 15 at the time, but he was the first prince-type character that I absolutely adored. I remember telling my friends that I wanted to meet the man on whom the character was physically based. His muscles, his leadership and bravery, his charisma, kindness, and even his tendency for stubbornness made me drool. My boyfriend at the time fit all but one of those characteristics – no muscular definition. As an adult, I do tend to look for these qualities in a man. My most recent Ex was a Shang type. The new guy I’m seeing is a military man and is mostly true to type as well. Hmmm…


    • Haha, it could be a strange coincidence that these all fall into place but you never know …

      Disney might have really moulded us more than we think. 🙂


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