Reasons I Love Mexico: Crazy Weather


After 25 years of having rooms whose windows face nothing but a brick wall, I’m happy to open my window these days and face a morning as bright as this.

I love the hot weather that comes with life in Mexico. I love that the heat is something I’ve adjusted to here in the city but I still get burned whenever I leave D.F. and venture out of the smog to where the sun is clear.

I love being able to wear an open skirt and strappy top to my classes, and walk down city streets with sunglasses on. 


I also love the rainy season that’s just about to end here. The beautiful sunny mornings and lunchtimes spent working and writing, sitting outside little cafés, are a dream. But being inside at 4pm when the thunder, lightning, rain and hail start beating against my window, sipping hot tea and cuddling up under a blanket with a good book? Nothing beats that.


7 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Mexico: Crazy Weather

  1. Yessssss! I think I love thunderstorms for the exact reasons you mentioned, just as much as I love hot days on which I can wear summery clothes! I also love hailstones, even if they are scary. I’d love to experience more extreme weather in a place like Mexico. 🙂


    • You should come for a visit and experience it. It’s crazy at the moment. Even Mexicans are confused by what’s happening. Haha. That’s global warming for you.


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