Goodbye to a Bestie


The life of an EFL Teacher is a funny one. One year you’re in Mexico, the next you’re in Japan, and before you know it, you’re back home with your family.

People come and go in and out of your life quicker than buses and it’s almost true to say that the friendships you make with fellow teachers are intensified due to you both finding yourself in a strange and exotic land, away from home, not knowing how long it’ll last.

I’ve made a few close friends with the teachers at my school; My Mexican besties if you will.

Elinor was one of the first people I met in the city. Both of us are in our mid-twenties, both of us hail from the Albion, both of us went to uni around the same time, both of us were unsure about whether we liked D.F.

And today we shared our last cup of tea before we said goodbye.

She’s off back to the Albion today to start her Master’s Degree in London and I’m definitely going to miss her a lot.

I know she’s sad at leaving Mexico and a bit nervous about her new start in the English capital, but I know she’ll do fabulously. I know I’ll see her again and I wish her all the luck in the world with everything. (Though she doesn’t need it. 😉 ) Much love to you, darling. ¡Hasta Luego!



3 thoughts on “Goodbye to a Bestie

  1. Muchas gracias! My time in Mexico was made all the more better by meeting some amazing people, your lovely self included, Ceri! Good luck with the rest of your time there and I’ll see you before too long…


  2. It must be so hard to say goodbye to a friend and coworker like that, but props to her for going on to get her Masters! I’ve experienced something similar while traveling this past year. So many new friends, but almost on rotation. It’s often difficult to maintain those friendships despite now much you may love each other. But that’s what the internet is for, right? 🙂


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