Ideas Needed. Please Apply Within.

Soooooo …

Let me just take a moment to grab hold of whatever dignity that remains and try and pull this blog out of the slump it’s fallen into.

*deep breath*

Okie. Woo!

I’m back and thinking clear.

That’s right. I’m young, single, happy and about to move to a new country and pursue my dream job. The wait is killlliiiiing me.

And I really need to stop feeling sorry for myself so I’ve decided to just focus on everything positive going on.

I do have a question to those readers of my blog that still remain though.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with this blog anymore. It’s a mish-mash of personal anecdotes and impending travels. It used to be full of book reviews and, as a result, I know I’ve lost a huge heap of followers because of my lack of reviews. I used to be a freelance writer, damnit! Reviews were my thing. Of course there was regular reading and reviews. Now you’re lucky if you find one in a month.

Soooo … my question to those readers who remain: What would you like to see from this blog?

Do I write too much about my ‘life’? Would you like to see reviews coming back?

I blog for myself but, at the moment, until I actually move in November, I’m a bit stranded. I have no clue what to blog about. 😛

What do you like? What do you hate?

Be as harsh or as gentle as you want. I seriously need the inspiration. 😛

Blog fail.


12 thoughts on “Ideas Needed. Please Apply Within.

  1. Personally, I say blog about what you’re feeling. If you’re not feeling reviews, the reviews aren’t going to feel good. That’s what’s been happening the last few months on my blog and why I decided to take this month off reviews altogether. I blog a lot more these days about personal stuff. I know I’m going to lose readers, but if it makes me feel better to do it, then that’s okay. Go with what you feel – it will always make the best posts. That’s my philosophy anyway.


  2. Write about what you want to write about, it’s better to be happier with your blog yourself than worry about readers. And you could always just mention books you’re reading etc if you want to keep the theme there while you take time out from actual reviews.

    Personally I like the mix of topics you write about 🙂


  3. I encourage you to be compassionate with yourself. NOT a blog fail by any means. If this space helps you move towards your goals by giving you a place to vent, to explore, to question, etc–it’s a major blog win and it looks like it’s serving that purpose.

    And you’re so right about being positive in the moment, which is not to say that you won’t feel frustration or impatience as you plan for your exciting future, but staying rooted in the present will help you get through that. I’m excited to see where you’re headed–keep us posted on when/where/what!


  4. Kiddo, you do what you want with your blog. If others don’t like it, that’s on them. I think you will still have lots of us reading it, even if you just decide to post pictures of Taye Digss eating ice cream sandwiches on the moon.


  5. I agree with the others. Blog what you like, Ceri. As much as I love reading reviews, I also love getting to know more about the blogger. Thus no matter what you post, I’ll be reading it! 🙂


  6. I’m just going to collectively thank you all here, hunnies, because you’re all awesome. 🙂 I’m glad none of you seem to be getting fed up of the fact that it’s not really a one-subject blog.


  7. I say blog about what you want to blog about! Like the others said, you blog for yourself first, and you have to have fun doing it. It you feel like doing reviews, you should; if not, do something else you like!
    Maybe you can start slowly by mixing in a few reviews with personal posts. Or you could blog lightly about the books you’ve read in the past months when you didn’t review (that’s supposing you did read some books).


  8. I agree with everyone else, blog what you feel like, if you feel like blogging about books it doesn’t have to be a review. It could be a new book you bought or something like that. Personally I like the direction your blog is taking, I’m excited for the new phase of your life along with you.


  9. I love your blog, your stories about your life. I hope that when you start your new life in a new country you will blog about that too. When I’m done with college I want to travel the world too and teach too. So I just love that you are going to do what I want to do. 😉 Don’t stop with your personal stories!!!!!!!!

    Okay? lol.


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