One of those weeks

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You know one of those weeks that start out great and then turn out incomprehensively shit?

Yeah, that.

My 30 day challenge was supposed to have finished yesterday but I haven’t had the energy to post anything for the last couple of days. Essentially the stress all comes down to my job.

I started my new job back in August – it’s a call centre – but the real ‘work’ didn’t start until October 1st. The nine of us in our training group immediately started as permanent members of staff … which was unusual.

You see, everyone at this company (who shall remain anonymous as much as I’d like to name and shame) usually starts out in a temporary position. If they prove their worth in due course (this could be from 6 weeks to 1 year), they’ll be offered a permanent contract. Your permanent contract won’t become ‘official’ until you pass your six month-probationary period. Then, you’re good to go.

Last August, God only knows why, this company decided to hire nine people and make them permanent straight away. October 1st marked the beginning of our probationary period. There’s four of us left.

Not because we got sacked. But four have decided that they just can’t work in that hellhole a moment longer. One has been taken off the phones and has now been promoted to ‘floor walker’. (In all fairness, he’s really good at the job. Good on ‘im.)

The only problem is that the newly-promoted floor walker was probably the only truly wonderful guy on our team. The remaining four of us struggle … because this is a sales role. (Funny thing is that more than half of the group were gobsmacked to find that out because we did not apply for a sales role – Do you think they listen to our complaints? Heeeell no!)

I’m not under illusions about my position in the company. I’m not trying to be coy or modest. I flat out suck at sales. I’m fabulous at customer service and I will freely admit that. I’ve worked for long enough in retail prior to this to know how to schmooze with customers and make them feel great about themselves. But that’s, unfortunately, not good enough for this job. At the end of the six months probation, our senior manager’s going to be hiring those good at sales.

I’ve had hours and hours of coaching, have tried every method I can, but I just can’t do it. I can’t force someone to buy something they don’t want. Sorry. Just can’t. I don’t have it in me.

I’ve been jobhunting quite seriously for the couple of days, thinking, ‘Well, I have until April 4th (the date our probation’s up) to find something new. I’ll hand in my notice until they can get rid of me.”

A little birdie told me today that because our team are so utterly crap, our team leader and senior manager have decided to bring our six month probation forward … to next week. If I hand in my notice, I have four weeks to find a new job. If I wait for next week, all they need to give me is two weeks to boot me out the door. On the other hand, they could also decide to extend my probation period by two months to see if I improve. (Giving me more time to find another job … because, let’s face it, I know I won’t improve. :S)

I’m so confused here. Baby brother’s been looking for a job for what feels like forever. It’s not a great time in this country to be unemployed. … Especially as I have a trip to save for.


In some ways I feel so guilty whining about this. I’m religiously reading about everything that’s happening in the Libyan protests and New Zealand earthquake every day and there’s me having a good ol’ whinge. I should be grateful I have a job and loving parents who still provide a roof over my head at the age of 24!

Sometimes, you just can’t help it though. :S


10 thoughts on “One of those weeks

  1. Don’t feel bad about worrying what affects you. We all do that. I would hand in my notice and run, especially if you think they probably won’t keep you on. Saves face and gives you a reference.

    You will find something else. It may take a little while, but I think you will be happier in the long run. It isn’t good for your health if it making you miserable.


    • Thank you for the kind words, Vivienne. That support and advice means a lot. I think once the initial shock of not working wears off, I’ll feel a sense of relief from not doing that stupid job anymore.


  2. Oh none of us could whine if we thought about conditions in Africa or even in our own neighborhood. But what fun would life be if you couldn’t whine? Sounds to me like you have every reason to!!! I hope some better job sees your worth and snatches you up!


  3. Oh Ceri, I do hope you find something else soon! I have many friends who worked in call centers, and they all agree to say it’s not easy. I hope you don’t think I’m trying to discourage you; on the contrary, I only mean that you’re not alone in this, and you should not feel guilty for what you feel. Wanting the best for yourself doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate what you already have, either. My friends all found something better, either in the same company or somewhere else. I’m sure things will turn around for you; meanwhile, I send you a bunch of virtual hugs!


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