Day Four

Whoops! Just an hour and fifteen minutes until midnight. Close call, eh? That’ll teach me to have a life. ;-). No, seriously, I’ve just spent the last two and a half hours trying to find a good place in Ecuador to spend New Year’s Eve. I quite fancy somewhere along the coast. I’m thinking somewhere not too crazy but not too quiet. I did think about Salinas for a while but read quite a few good recommendations about Montanita instead – it’s supposed to have a much more relaxed, hippie vibe. Sounds perfect for me. πŸ™‚

Anyway, over to today’s task …


[A/N: This task is horribly written. My apologies. I just couldn’t get this to flow properly because I found it so difficult and, as a result, it’s kind of scattered and all over the place. :-S Sorry.]


Dia Cuatro – About your family.

My family are as British as they come. I think the furthest back I’ve ever traced them is to my great, great, great grandparents on my maternal grandmother’s side. And, yep, they’re British.

I began to write quite a bit about my grandparents for today’s task but, to be honest, I miss them all so much that it was quite painful. So I stopped. Because, to tell you the truth, I couldn’t fully express how incredible they were with just my words on a webpage. They’re people who deserve to be spoken of and have their stories told … but today’s not the right time. They deserve more than a paragraph. One day I’ll dedicate a whole post to them because that’s what they deserve. They’ve all let such incredible lives and were such unique characters that I owe them that much.

As far as my immediate family goes, well, what can I say?

I had trouble writing about them too.

I have parents who have been together for 37 years (married for 31 of those) and are still madly in love. My father is one of the most caring and sensitive men I’ve ever known. But, at the same time, he can be a real bloke, following his football closely and always asking me where I’m going and who with as his protective, guardian instinct comes out. My mother is someone I’m unbelievably close to. Now that I’ve grown up, we’ll happily do things together all the time – shopping, the theatre, weekend getaways. She doesn’t have the crazy sense of humour that my brothers and I get from my father but she’s still hilarious to be around and so generous and kind.

I have two younger brothers who I absolutely adore. Little brother is 21 and Baby brother is 19 but, as far as I’m concerned, they’re still my younger brothers and I’ll continue to mother them until the day I die. When Baby brother and I are both in the house we spend most of our time play fighting and winding each other up but that’s just how we are. Little brother’s away at university and I miss him so much. When he comes home every couple of weeks, I can’t wait to hear what he’s been up to … even if he’s only stopping for an hour.

And that’s pretty much all I can say without taking up six hours of your reading time. This task is actually really hard. Not because I can’t think of anything to say about my family. It’s the opposite. I love these people so much, they’re my life and my blood, that I can’t find the words to do any of them justice. I’d kill for them and willingly lay down my life for each of them. I’m proud of them for what they do and am always there to encourage whatever decision they make.

I could easily sit here and write a couple of paragraphs about each of them and how much I love them. But I honestly couldn’t say enough. We laugh together and cry together and shout and fight and hug and love. We’re a family. I’m lucky to be surrounded by incredible people who I look up to and admire every day. I’ll miss them when I’m away. But I know they’ll always be there for me. And I’ll be there for them.


6 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. I spent New Year’s in Cuenca and it was amazing.

    Sounds like we’re on similar routes South. If you’re in Peru we should meet up, I’m heading to Cusco today.


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