“Short Ode to Girly Thing”

Oh, you funny, funny people. You don’t ‘alf search for some crazy stuff, don’t you?

Carrying on from my New Year’s post, I thought I’d give you a taste of some of my favourite – and not so favourite – search terms people have used to find my blog over the last year. 😀

– “river phoenix casket body picture” (I’ve had over a hundred hits on my blog from people who’ve searched for this. You people are sick.)

– “cute baby animals” (I only wish I had more here to show you.)

– “cardiff hooters” (Oh yeah, baby. ;-))

– “backpacker slut” (How did you know??????? No, seriously, this one amuses me to no end. I like the idea that someone was wondering if there was anyone out there writing a blog about travelling the world and sleeping with everyone.)

– “”pick me up” bad grammar” (This makes no sense to me but still kind of made me laugh. I do wonder whether the person was actually searching for bad grammar to ‘pick up’ the opposite sex.)

– “how to deal with a bookaholic” (Pahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!)

– “i’m not an easy girl to love i get as scattered as the clouds in the sky but i like to change my mind” (These are apparently song lyrics. Why my blog came up in the search results is anyone’s guess. :P)

-“drumnadrochit girl” – (Oh, yeahhh. That was me. ;-))

– “they don’t weekend” – (They don’t go out on the weekend? Or there is no weekend? What are you trying to say?)

– “girls” (You’ll only find one here, I’m afraid. And I do tend to talk about guys more. Sorry. :S )

– “movies that make you cry” (Try anything that Michael Bay directed. You’ll cry knowing that someone somewhere threw money at him to make that piece of crap.)

– “has anyone invented bookbag with a jacket?” (Oh my God, what?)

– “in the pink restaurant” (I so need to go there.)

– “short ode to girly thing” (I don’t want to know what that girly thing was. I really, really don’t.)

– “what does “not in the pink” mean?” (Ah, you’ve been listening to Queen, I see. ;-))

– “music because love pink girls woman freak” (… Um, right. )

– “ode to the women’s right movement” (Something I’ll just have to do now that it’s been searched for!)

– “big samoan man” (I worked with one up until five months ago. You should have said something sooner. I would have hooked you up.)

– “look of contempt” (Yes, any picture of myself on this blog will no doubt be filled with that look in my eyes.)

– “pink m’n’m’s” (Awesome. 😀 Do they really exist?)

– “who invented rolling your eyes” (Awwwwwww. I love that someone genuinely wanted to know that. You silly thing.)

– “young girl school uniform” (Just ew! And get off my site.)


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