A pinch of everything, a trailer, and a lot of nothing

I’m definitely feeling the need to keep blogging lately. I don’t want to let this poor thing die like it did over summer and autumn so I do apologise in advance for the inevitable posts like this which’ll be kind of a mixture of this and that of what’s been happening along with my crazy thoughts. (I swear, for those of you who originally visited for book reviews, I’m working on it.)

So… Christmas is here. Four more sleeps. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? All I can think of is how to spend this year making the most out of it. If my travel plans do go ahead with how I’d like them to, I won’t be here with my family next Christmas. I’ll be celebrating it in Santiago, Chile. Or even Lima, Peru … depending on how I arrange the dates. It’s going to be so strange being away from everyone for Christmas and New Year but I know it’s going to be an experience like no other.

Snow is still with us.

Work sent us home yesterday because we were in the middle of a complete snowstorm and it didn’t look like the majority of us would be able to get home. The trains were hours and hours late so I walked back to the house of a couple of friends through a field of snow that came up to our knees!

Needless to say, when we trudged out of there, there was much snowball fighting, snow angels, and general tackling to the ground fun to be had on the way home.


On Saturday my cousin, Christine, married her fiancé Andrew. While it was quite worrying know that some people might not be able to make it to the ceremony or reception because of the snow, they each braved the cold, got married, and even posed for pictures outside making it a beautiful white wedding.

A big Congratulations to the two of them. 😀

Christine and Andrew


And, a little more randomness, I changed my hair colour again. In the last three months I’ve gone from blue to green and now purple. What do we think?

Told you this post would be a lot of nothing. 😛


The first trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean film has been released. I don’t really know what to make it of it. I’ll definitely be seeing it because I love the character of Jack Sparrow. Plus, Penélope Cruz is in it and what’s not to love about her? But, I don’t know. Hopefully this’ll be a film that’s equally as good as the first three.


6 thoughts on “A pinch of everything, a trailer, and a lot of nothing

  1. Hi Ceri, glad to see you back! Lovely hair! I just dyed mine reddish auburn this weekend. Change is good 🙂 I like your new blog look also.

    Looks like you got alot of snow. We havent had any here yet.
    Congrats to your cousin!
    I do enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean films…Johnny Depp *sigh*


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