Day 4: Drumnadrochit (Loch Ness)

I struggled to get up this morning – Mostly to do with how cold it was! Eventually I rolled out of bed at 10.30am and got myself ready for the day.

I decided to carry on with yesterday’s plans and head to Urquhart Castle. Stopping in Drumnadrochit’s little gift shop to pick up a postcard, I asked the friendly woman behind the counter how easy it was to get there. She said it would take 40 minutes and told me to follow the main road up to the mountains.

*Ahem* Since then I’ve realised she thought I had a car. No. I was walking. And it was a long walk indeed! Walking doesn’t bother me too much. It’s better than polluting the environment with fumes. But I was unprepared for a mountain walk with more twists and turns than a M Night Shyamalan film! Not only that but the cold disappeared and the sun came out in full force. Every time I took my coat off, however, the wind would come back and it would start picking to rain again.

One of the views while up on the mountain

But I’m not complaining. It was fun. A good chance to exercise. And I got to see some amazing sights on the way.

After an hour and 20 minutes of walking, I finally made it to Urquhart Castle. And it was well worth it!

Urquhart Castle

The remains are beautiful, with so much historic information scattered around for you to find out about. Not only that but considering there’s not much left, there’s a lot to explore. It’s right next to the loch which is just as gorgeous as it looked yesterday.

When I doubt that I could live in a place like this permanently, away from all the craziness of city life, all I have to do is look at the loch. That itself and its beauty would be enough to wake up to every morning.

Me on the highest tower at Urquhart Castle

Urquhurt Castle

After half an hour of so, the grey clouds returned and it started raining. Everyone ran to the tourist centre to shelter but I stayed wandering around by myself. I was used to this weather by now and it didn’t faze me. I still had a lot to see.

View from Urquhart Castle (in the rain)

After another half an hour or so, I sat on a bench and wrote my postcard home before also heading into the tourist centre to buy some lunch (lentil soup) and souvenirs (a bottle of Scotch whiskey for my Dad and a Scotland keyring for myself).

When I realised I should be getting back, I felt quite sad. It’s my last day at Drumnadrochit and I’ll be sad to leave. This week is going so fast already. A bit part of me doesn’t want to go home. I want to do this forever.

I walked back and headed to the gift shops near my hotel to pick up the rest of my souvenirs for my family. As I reached the door, I bumped into a group of three who looked at me with astonished faces. Our exchange went like this:

Them: “Did you walk all the way … to here?”

Me: “From the castle?”

[They nod]

Me (grinning): Yeah.

Their faces were a picture. 😀 I am Superwoman.


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Drumnadrochit (Loch Ness)

  1. We are planing to visit the castle from Inverness and it seems that it is rather difficult without a car. We could take a Bus to Drumnadrochit = easy part, but than it seems that there is no other option than walkin ? Is that true ? I have a 16 year old girl with me and I am not sure if she will cope with that. Any advice ?


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